Stun Gun In Delhi India

Stun Gun Benifits And Uses.

This Device is very useful for woman who travels outstations for business purposes or working women or anyone who cares for their safety. A stun gun is a self-defense item that can be used to stop another person who is attacking you. It uses high voltage energy to quickly immobilize the attacking person. It is designed to transfer the energy into the muscles of the person at a high pulse rate which causes the muscles to work at a very rapid pace, but on a very inefficient basis. This process makes it extremely difficult for the attacker to function at all in regard to moving or attacking. The attacker will be disoriented and confused for a time, but will not have any harm come to him in regard to his vital organs. You will not get shocked if your attacker is touching you. Even if you or the attacker is wet or standing in water, you will not get shocked because its effect is localized only to where contact is made.

This will not kill any person but it will cause a temporarily disorientation and imbalance in the attacker and will help you to flee from that spot. It can be carried along anywhere and easily fits in bags, purse. We have wide range of products like Ultra Compact Stun Gun, Self Defense Stun Gun, Mobile Phone Stun Gun, Expandable Type Stun Gun, Lipstick Stun Gun, Aviation Aluminum Stun Gun and much more. Anyone can use it as it is very compact and light in nature than normal Stun Gun.

You can buy various kinds of Stun Gun from anywhere in India through Our Website or you can also reach our Office which is located in New Delhi (India). We are the prominent dealers, manufacturers and sellers of Stun Guns in India. You can make the payment via online banking or net banking. We also offer COD (cash on delivery) option to our customer. You can buy Spy Products from our website with Special offers available for our Clients.


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