Stun Baton Gun

Stun Baton Gun

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Stun Baton Gun

This device is larger in size than other Stun Guns. It is called as Stun Baton Gun which can be kept in a scooter or a car. This Baton Gun Also Called Telescopic Baton, Metal Baton, Security Baton, Tactical Baton and Retractable Baton. It will be a great help for you to tackle any adverse situation. It is very useful for Police to tackle aggressive Crowds or Demonstrators. This Device is used by Police and Military to catch criminals because it hit hard to an attacker. When used this baton gun on attacker it suddenly faint in current position and don’t able to stand on their own feet, or we can say that baton gun is like an impact tool which can jam or block to aid arm lock. This is best powerful and self defense devices for girls. You can buy this Stun Baton Gun from our website at lowest price in India.


1. It is built with Stainless Steel which is light and durable.

2. It comes with inbuilt Charger which recharges this device very quickly.

3. It is Light weight, handy and simple in Design with Strong Grip.

Product Includes

Product comes with Stun Baton Gun which is specially made with latest technology, charger, User Manual and comes with One Year Company Warranty.

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