Police Stun Baton With Built In Torch Function

Police Stun Baton With Built In Torch Function

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Police Stun Baton With Built In Torch Function

This device is little bit larger in size than other Stun Guns. It is called as Stun Baton which can be kept in a scooter or a car. It will be a great help for you to tackle any adverse situation. It is very useful for Police to tackle aggressive Crowds or Demonstrators. It has inbuilt Torch and Siren which can create a kind of fear to the opponent. It also has Safety Pin and inbuilt Charger. It has double Shock Feature (Point Shock Prongs & Double Side Shock Plates). This Police Stun Baton is an excellent new SELF DEFENSE HEAVY DUTY STUN BATON which is ideal to keep next to your bed at night for Self Defense against intruders. You can buy this Police Stun Baton with Built in Torch Function from our website at lowest price in India.


1. This is compatible, handy and simple in Design.

2. It has inbuilt Torch which glows very high and very useful during nights.

3. It comes with inbuilt Charger which recharges this device very quickly.

4. It outer surface is built with strong durable which remains last longer.

5. It has 120 db Siren which is Ideal for any combat operations.

6. It has Safety Pin and Strap which prevents you to get any electric Shock.

7. It has Double Shock feature (Point Shock Prongs & Double Side Shock Plates).

8. Its Dimensions are 345mm x 45mm x 45mm and weights around 600grams.

Product Includes

Product comes with Police Stun Baton which is specially made with latest technology, Charger, User Manual and comes with One Year Company Warranty.

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