Spy Playing Card Cheating Device

Spy Playing Card Cheating Device

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Price:- 1,20,000/-

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Spy Playing Card Cheating Device

This Playing Cards Soothsayer reports the exact numerical value and the suite of each & every Playing Card in just about a second. Therefore, the user will be able to know in advance the number and suite of the Playing Card he will get notification from the from the hidden earphones. This may help the user to scheme his game plan accordingly. By using this Smart Device, you can easily win every game you play. This device looks very elegant and genuine so no one will detect your device.


1. Product is made with latest Technology which fulfills all customer needs.
2. Looks like normal mobile phones so people may get fooled through it.
3. Comes with latest Tech software so it is very convenient to use.
4. Made with durable materials which remain last longer.
5. It is made up of high quality and durable material and with compact Design it is easy to Use
6. This device scans all the playing cards instantly and reports to the player.

Product Includes

Product comes with Secret device which is specially made with latest technology, earpiece, charger, Connector, User Manual and carry box which comes with one year of company warranty.

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