Spy Invisible Writing Pen

Spy Invisible Writing Pen

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Spy Invisible Writing Pen

Those cunning chemists in action's ink labs have come up with a new twist on the perennial search for an effective erasable pen. The ink laid down by the Friction roller ball disappears under friction! The end of the pen has a hard plastic eraser, which when rubbed over the writing causes the color to disappear from the ink. You can then write over it again with the same pen. It is very light in weight and easy to use and provide untraceable marks which can only be viewed by the desired person using unique tools. It is built in several designs which help in comfortable gripping and writing. This Product Supports all Playing Cards games Use the hidden headphones to receive automatic reporting about the size and color points. This Invisible pen is built with latest and advance technology and available in many Stylish designs and trendy colors. You can buy all latest Spy Gadgets in India though visit our store in New Delhi or can also order online through our website. We are the prominent dealers, manufacturers and sellers of all kinds of Spy Gadgets in India. We also provide Cash on Delivery option to our customers. You can avail best offers through our website. We offer best quality of Spy Gadgets in affordable Price.

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