Spy Wall Listening Device

Spy Wall Listening Device

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Price:- 10,000/-

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Spy Wall Listening Device

This is a multi functional wall contact microphone helps you to listen the communication going on behind four walls easily. Now wall will not be a barrier between your spy operations. This is highly sensitive that it can record all the interception made through 1/2meter thick concrete wall without any problem. This Product is specially made to record all the Secret gossips, secret talks or to get important information without any physical appearance. It has in built Lithium-ion battery and unique FM transmitter function, which is easy to be manipulated and carried. You can buy this latest Wall Listening Device audio device from our website at lowest price in the market.


1. It supports Four Audio frequency Choices: (200MHz), (800MHz), (1200MHz), (partition boogie monitoring).
2. It has Powerful Rechargeable battery Lithium-ion battery.
3. It has strong Penetrating capability i.e. Cement wall, Steel wall, wooden wall, iron wall, glass and air brick.
4. It can record audio for 100hours continuously.
5. It records audio files in wav format.

Product Includes

Product comes with Wall Listening Device, Charger and User Manuel with one year of company warranty.

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