Spy Bionic Ear + Booster

Spy Bionic Ear + Booster

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Spy Bionic Ear + Booster

Spy Bionic Ear + Booster are our newest and latest device which is very much in demand due to its feature. This Bionic Ear increases sound by up to 40 db using an Omni- directional microphone, a solid-state amplifier and hi-fidelity earphones for concert hall quality sound reproduction. When combined with Parabolic Bionic Booster, this Bionic Ear becomes highly directional and allows you to easily locate the source of sounds and cancels background noises. It will allow you to hear mere movements in the woods at incredible distances and detect animal movements for nature observation or photography. It helps you to record bird calls and other sounds nature with the recorder output jack. You can buy latest Spy Bionic Ear and booster from our website at lowest price in India.


1. Hear a conversation 100 yards that is approximately 100 meter away.
2. Further pinpoint sound and reduce background noise with 20 inches" Bionic Booster parabolic dish.
3. It has Automatic safety shut off at 95 decibels
4. It has Powerful Rechargeable battery Lithium-ion battery.
5. It records audio files in wav format.
6. It supports Computers and Laptops through USB Cable and you can directly share the recorded files.

Product Includes

Product comes with SPY Digital Voice Recorder, 3.5 Mono Patch Cord, Microphone, Charger, and Head Phone, Record and Playback Button and User Manuel with one year of company warranty.

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You can directly place an order online using Net Banking Facilities or by using Mobile Wallet. Or Cash on Delivery is also available for our customers with free Home Delivery Service.